Mike Phirman & Meghan Hounshell to appear at The B.O.R.E.D. Tour X!

Comedy Music Fans, you headliner for The B.O.R.E.D. Tour X – 2010 is…

Mike Phirman is incredibly uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person, so he is going to write his bio in the second person.  You attended UCLA where you received a degree in Philosophy. While at college, you met Chris Hardwick, a fellow stand-up comedy enthusiast with whom you began performing under the name “Hard ‘n Phirm”. Together, you’ve made a record, performed at comedy clubs and colleges, drove past a lot of corn, and taped a Comedy Central Presents special that you feel went not-too-badly.  In May you released a solo album called “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”. You lost your mind when “Weird Al” Yankovic showed up to perform on one of the tracks.  Most recently, you googled the words “comedian bio what to write”—you found nothing helpful. (photo by Joel Telling 2010)

and, if that weren’t enough to make you BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW, returning to the show is the one and only Meghan Hounshell!

Meghan Hounshell’s first comedic performance involved smearing her head with pudding and making loud gurgling noises. While this is a great bit when you are a baby, Meghan soon realized that she might need to move beyond her niche audience. Now, 27 years later as a full-time comic from Seattle, she has traveled all over the country with her trusty guitar, busting out ironic and sublime lyrics to songs like “Punk Rock Baby Farm” and “I’m Not a Lesbian,” and placed in the Top 10 at last years Seattle International Comedy Competition. Meghan has a sordid past, which involves a penchant for church camp outings and a major in Communications (with a minor in International Mime). One of her first songs was the quirky and slightly disturbing “I heart Tom Brokaw.” Now she lives the good life, smoking cigarettes and throwing back shots of whiskey with other comics.

Once again we implore you to BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! They are only $8 and the room only holds 30! DO NOT be left out! Back next monday for even more announcements!

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